Eaton-Turner Jewelry
Formerly Chas. H. Pratt, Jeweler

Linda Beattie Anderson has kindly shared these wonderful photos of the Chas. H. Pratt and Eaton-Turner Jewelry stores, which once thrived on Main Street. Linda owned Eaton-Turner from 1982 to 1996. In her own words...

"The Pratts were the first owners, as far as we know. Zip Eaton and Roy Turner bought it in 1946 from Mrs. Pratt and her son George. Roy left by the 1950s, and Zip ran it until 1982 when I purchased it after working there for eight years.

I sold it in 1996 to Don Johnson, who has since moved out on Montana Ave. into a new building."

The Thompson Block Store 1900-1913

Two circa 1900 interior views of the Chas. Pratt jewelry store, located in the Thompson Block, which was on the south corner of Main and Grand St., where the 1913 Placer Hotel (now Placer Center Apartments) now stands.


The Placer Hotel Store

From 1913 to 1923, Chas. H. Pratt Jewelers occupied this space in the new Placer Hotel. On July 1, 1923, Pratt moved into a space in the Gold Block which had previously been a Red Cross facility.



The First Gold Block Store

Pratt Jewelers in the Gold Block space, about 1923. In 1928, the Gold Block and other adjoining buildings would be destroyed by fire. A smaller Gold Block was rebuilt, in a more modern style, and Pratt reopened...



The Second Gold Block Store

The post-fire space in the Gold Block, about 1930. This is the storefront recognized by thousands of Helenans (and ex-Helenans) today. One memorable feature of the store during the 1950s was the placement of a series of delightful Baranger animated advertising displays in the window on the left.


Z. A. "Zip" Eaton, 1960s



Interior view of Chas. Pratt Jewelers, about 1930. Linda continues...

"My old showcases [the ones shown above] were moved in from Seattle in the late 20s as used showcases to replace old ones destroyed when the Gold Block burned...I sold them to an antique dealer from San Francisco when Don was moving the business."


Linda Beattie and employee Kathy Pahut, Eaton-Turner Jewelry, 1980s.



Two interior views of Eaton-Turner Jewelry, about 1990...





The Eaton-Turner Jewelry neon sign being removed from the Gold Block in the 1970s, as mandated by a local ordinance which prohibited overhanging signs on the new "Walking Mall". More art and craftsmanship gone forever...

The Eaton-Turner sign, 1954

MANY THANKS to Linda Beattie Anderson for her wonderful photos and story!