Imperial 400 Motel

524 N. Last Chance Gulch

The Imperial 400 opened in January of 1963. It is now a Budget Inn Express...


Imperial 400 was nationwide chain of motels which started in 1959.



Lurking Crossdresser

I assume that this case was settled out of court, as I can find no further mention of it in the available newspaper archives.


The Royal Room Lounge & Liquor Store
Later the Crown Room

The lounge name changed to the Crown Room in 1971. Your editor recalls that the lounge soon acquired a reputation as a gay rendezvous. Around 1976, while I was living in Houston, I mentioned the Helena lounge to a gay friend. He got out one of his nationwide gay guidebooks, and sure enough the Crown Room was listed as a place to hook up.

The motel is now a Budget Inn Express, sexual orientation unknown.