Jacoby's Store for Men
125-27 North Main St.

All Photos Courtesy of Earl, Rosemary and Charles Jacoby, via Marla Jacoby

Pictured above is the Beveridge Block, 123-27 North Main, circa 1898. From 1921 to 1940, it was home to (Joseph) Bossler's Store for Men, which was bought in 1940 by Bossler's partner, Earl "Duke" Jacoby. The Beveridge Block was demolished by the "Urban Renewal" program of the 1970s.


By way of transition, Earl Jacoby continued to operate using the Bossler name until the summer of 1941, after which the name "Jacoby's Store for men" appears in all advertising...


Virgin Sheep?


Jacoby's, December 1950
All Photos Courtesy of Rosemary and Charles Jacoby via Marla Jacoby


1960 Remodeling


A History of the Jacoby Family in Helena, 1964 Independent Record Ad
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Owners and Employees, 1970s

From left to right: Earl "Duke" Jacoby ( 1898-1983); unnamed; Charles G. Jacoby (1932-2018); tailor Frank C. Polich (1916-1994).


Earl "Duke" Jacoby; Warner Anderson; Frank C. Polich


"Urban Renewal" Forces Move, 1972

In the early to mid-1970s, many of downtown Helena's historic Victorian buildings were razed by the Federal "Urban Renewal" program, and the Beveridge Block was no exception. In 1972, Jacoby's moved to 329 N. Main, where the Jorud Photo Shop had been located for decades. Jacoby's was in business there until at least 1980.


Charles "Chuck" Jacoby an Avid Model-builder

Charles also restored the USS Helena Model Ship which is on display in the Helena City County Building. The project took two years to research for accuracy and about three years to complete, after the original model was smashed after falling off the wall in the City County Building.