Tower Motel
1339 12th Avenue
1942 - 1965


The newly-opened 12-unit Tower Motel, photographed in 1942 by John Vachon for the Office of War Information.

The motel took its name (as did the nearby Tower Shopping Center and Tower Meats) from its close proximity to the KXLJ radio broadcasting tower.

Safeway Now Occupies the Site of the Tower Motel

Several blocks of 12th Ave. east of Montana Ave. have been closed over the years for commercial development.

Tower Motel from Roberts St., late 1940s


Although the motel's address was originally on 12th Ave., the building faced south, toward 11th.

The motel had several owners over the decades. According to available online newspaper archives, the Tower Motel was sold in 1965 to V. L. (Pat) Jones, with the stipulation that it be moved. Jones owned the Log Cabin Motel at 15 E. 16th Ave., and planned to move the Tower Motel to 16th St., adding it to the Log Cabin to create the 29-unit Gold Pan Motel.

There was indeed a Gold Pan Motel operating at the 16th Ave. location until at least 1975, but it is still unclear to this researcher if the Tower Motel was actually moved there and was a part of it. If anyone knows, please drop me a line.